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Billing Period for Advertising

Here's a small tip that can save you time and, in some cases, improve your cash flow. I assume that everyone knows that Amazon requires seller account or credit card payments for advertising each time the expenditure reaches $500.

Sellers who pay for advertising with a credit card (for better financial management or for accumulating cashback, points, etc.) are required to generate advertising invoices at the end of the month for accounting purposes.

If we're talking about significant sums, we're dealing with a considerable number of invoices that need to be downloaded and printed.

If you've been selling continuously for over 12 months, you have the option to open a case and request Amazon to change the Ads Billing Cycle to suit your needs. For instance, I asked them to bill me every $4,000.

Why is this good?

  1. I'm required to produce 3-4 consolidated invoices every month and submit them instead of 25-35 small invoices.

  2. This allows me to "stretch" advertising payments over a longer period in case I need a more flexible cash flow.

Good luck!


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