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Invest in Your Brand Store, It Will Pay Off Soon

Amazon has recently made several changes in the brand and brand-followers interaction, and in the near future, it appears that we will be able to connect with customers much more intensively and effectively through direct messaging, updates on new products, upcoming promotions, and more.

As a recent example, Amazon has added intuitive posts to the brand store, signaling positive changes to come.

What can you do in your brand store to maximize its potential?

  • Add a small arrow with the text "Follow us" to the top banner.

  • Create an FAQ page - Frequently Asked Questions related to your products.

  • Include an "About Us" page where you share your brand's story and who you cater to.

  • A Bundles page - if you have a variety of bundled products, this is the place to showcase them. From experience, it increases conversion rates.

  • Instructional videos on how to use your products.

  • Exciting ideas for using your products.

Take inspiration from some Amazon brand stores:

Have a great week!


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