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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Prime Exclusive Deals

Tomorrow is the last day to submit deals and discounts exclusively for Prime members for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why is this interesting?

Because unlike previous years, this year these deals can have a significant impact on driving sales during the peak shopping days.

If you've noticed, during the last Prime Day in the summer, Amazon allowed for setting special deals for Prime members on that day.

These deals, called Prime Exclusive Deals, received unprecedented and significant prominence in Amazon's search results. When you searched for any keyword on Amazon during Prime Day, you could see in the top row with an impressive title the deals exclusive to Prime members.

Amazon has expanded and even added a dedicated page for the products that offered deals, which made other search results less relevant for Prime subscribers.

As of now, on the deal submission page for Prime members, they ask us to specify whether the discount is for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It can be inferred that Amazon will prioritize Prime Exclusive Deals during these sale periods.

So, if you can, I highly recommend creating coupons for those days. It's reasonable to assume it will be very worthwhile.

The conditions:

  • Minimum 20% off

  • The price after the discount must be the lowest offered in the last 30 days.

Where to submit the deal?

Advertising - Prime Exclusive Deals

Remember, the last submission date is tomorrow, so make the decision and execute it today.

Good luck!


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