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I've had the pleasure of being interviewed on various podcasts in recent years, and there has always been a lingering desire within me to have one of my own—a podcast where I could engage with fascinating entrepreneurs in the field, delve into their unique journeys, and draw inspiration from their experiences.


However, every time I started planning and exploring this idea, something else would inevitably come up, diverting my attention and consuming my time and resources. As a result, the idea remained stagnant.


Then, in early 2021, a close and talented friend of mine, Amit Rosenthal, reached out to me. He uttered these intriguing words: "Surprisingly, there isn't a single podcast in Israel dedicated to Amazon. Let's create one!"


That simple statement sparked a fire within me. Within two days, we met, meticulously crafted the concept, devised a comprehensive action plan, and successfully conducted our inaugural trial run. With that, we embarked on our podcasting journey, ready to capture listeners with captivating stories and insightful conversations.

** Hebrew is the primary language of the podcast.



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