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How to identify the best-selling variations of your competitor?

If you're selling in a niche where your competitors have multiple variations, I assume the biggest challenge is knowing which variation is selling the best.

In the past, we could check this by changing the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) when we stood on a specific variation. However, now we can only see the BSR of the Parent ASIN.

Often, we rely on incorrect information when choosing a variation, which can cost us money. Additionally, even if one variation sold exceptionally well a year ago when we could measure it separately, it doesn't mean it's still the leader today. The market changes, and so do customer preferences.

Here's an interesting and relatively reliable way to check which variation is the leader for your competitor using Helium 10's X-Ray tool.

  • Go to your competitor's product page with variations.

  • Activate Helium 10's X-Ray extension.

  • Click on "Review insights."

  • Choose a timeframe of the last 3 months.

  • Download the results to an Excel file.

  • Run a Pivot command.

  • Drag the "Variations" column to the rows.

  • Drag the "Title" column to the values.

Now, you have a sorted list of all the variations with the number of reviews they received in the last 3 months.

Of course, this isn't 100% accurate information, but you can make a nearly certain assumption that the variation with the most reviews is also the best-selling variation.

Have an excellent weekend!


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