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New Options for Amazon Newsletters Directly from Amazon

In the past, I informed you about the new option that Amazon introduced for brand owners to send brand-specific emails to their followers. These emails are sent directly from Amazon, with your brand's content and branding, resulting in impressive conversion rates.

Until recently, the subjects of these emails were quite limited. We could only send emails to inform about new product releases. Now, Amazon has opened up new and interesting possibilities for us.

Among other things, you can find templates there and send emails with the following subjects:

  • Valentine’s Day Gift

  • Travel Gift

  • New year gift

And more.

I highly recommend that you set up several emails for the upcoming gift-giving season. It's free, and you have nothing to lose.

Regardless, working continuously to increase your brand's followers through your store and posts is essential, as this upgrade indicates Amazon's direction in the coming year. Those who maintain a large following will likely reap the benefits.

How to get there:

Brands - Customer Engagement

Have a great week!


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