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Yesterday, I had a relatively weak day, I wonder if it's the same for everyone...

I suppose you are familiar with this feeling, that one day you wake up in the morning, see that it was a relatively weak day, and wonder if it's just you or if it's related to a change you made or, alternatively, if it's connected to the entire niche.

The same thing, of course, when you have an exceptionally successful day.

There are quite a few tools in the market that can help you try to understand the trend.

However, Amazon continues to surprise and has released an amazing add-on for a tool I've talked about in the past - the Product Opportunity Explorer.

After selecting your niche, you can click on the 'Trends' tab and find data from the last 7 days about your niche based on Amazon's own updated data - not an estimation or ratio.

Among other things, you can find:

  • Daily search volume - so you can identify if there was a significant change from day to day.

  • Average selling price - to make sure that competitors haven't raised or lowered the price.

  • Number of active products.

  • Daily conversion rate, and more.

How to get there?

Growth - Product Opportunity Explorer



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