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Weekly Data Control

One of the most important aspects of managing any business is monitoring data and key performance indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis, observing their fluctuations in the past week.

Every leader of the most prominent companies, both nationally and internationally, begins their day by acquiring the most critical data in the business—3-5 key metrics that influence the entire company's operations.

While there are many excellent tools for managing data, and I do use them, in this type of weekly control, I want to discuss those key metrics, the most important data:

KPI Metrics.

Once a week, on the same day without fail, we access the Business Reports - Detail Page by ASIN, download the data for the past week, and input it into a structured Excel report sorted by various products:

  • Page Views

  • Units Ordered

  • Revenue

And to those, I also add:

  • Sales from Advertising

  • Organic Sales (derived from the total sales minus sales from advertising)

  • Review Quantity

  • Ratings

When these data points are presented on a weekly basis in an Excel report, it allows you to view the activity from a high-level perspective, identify changes and fluctuations that need your attention, and catch them at the right time.

Additionally, it enables us to step back for a moment and ensure that we are on track with the sales pace we planned for.

You can certainly do this yourself or delegate it as a weekly task to a virtual assistant (VA). It's a crucial aspect of keeping your business on course and making data-driven decisions.


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