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Consumer Perception of your Brand in the Category

A new tool that Amazon has released in the past few months is called 'Brand Metrics,' and you can find it under the 'Advertising' page.

This tool is quite simple and clear, and it allows you to see consumer behavior in relation to every category in which you sell through the following metrics:

  • What percentage of customers visit the sales pages of your brand in the subcategory?

  • What percentage of customers made a purchase of one of your brand's products in the subcategory?

  • What percentage of customers purchased one of your brand's products for the first time?

How to Maximize the Tool

First, identify the subcategory where the conversion and page views percentages are highest and focus your advertising efforts there, whether through category-specific display advertising or targeting your competitors. This is where you are likely to achieve the highest conversion rates.

Secondly, if the percentage of new customers for your brand is above 90%, it means you are not dedicating enough efforts to building your brand and creating a long-term relationship with the customer. Encourage customers to visit your brand store and make repeat purchases.

Create and sell complementary products to customers who purchase your brand.

Use customer engagement strategies on Amazon and beyond to make more customers search for your brand on Amazon, not just the keywords.

Ultimately, the most crucial factor in private label product sales on Amazon is to consistently outperform the competition.

Have a great week!


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