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Emotional Connection to the Brand and Products

Today, I want to take you 20,000 feet above your brand and its connection with the relevant target audience.

In the United States, individual pride is extremely high, and anyone who has ever lived or visited there can feel it in the air.

During my last trip to the USA last summer, I realized the importance of this value to Americans. For example, my cousin's son, who lives in the USA and is 3 years old, participates in a local soccer class. On one of the Saturdays, they invited us to join them because, like every Saturday, they have a fantastic time playing soccer among the kids, creating a great atmosphere.

Parents and families of the children gather at the park every Saturday to accompany the kids during the game. They bring chairs, tables, beers, soft drinks, snacks, wear team shirts, and continuously cheer on throughout the game. Keep in mind that these are 20 toddlers aged 3 chasing after a ball, and yet, you can witness this strong sense of community and pride.

This community spirit and individual pride can also be seen among university graduates, wearing shirts and caps with the name of a specific city and more.

After leaving the over-the-top event, I understood that if I could connect this emotion with the customers on my product pages, they would feel more compelled to purchase my products. So, I took one of my kitchen-related products and replaced three images showing it in a natural kitchen setting with images of the same product being used at an outdoor event, parents accompanying their child in the soccer class, and a student gathering on a rooftop, all sharing a sense of community pride.

The conversion rates for that product increased by 3% to 8% in the month that followed.

I encourage you to think this weekend about how you can connect your brand and products to the sense of community and individual pride that Americans hold dear.

Have a great weekend!


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