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A new Analytical Tool from Amazon to show the Performance of your Products in Search Results

This tool allows us to see how our products are performing in the search results. In the tool, you can observe customer behavior in four different stages of their purchasing process: exposure to the product in search results, visiting the product page, adding the product to the shopping cart, and making a purchase.

How to make the most of this tool?

I highly recommend clicking the "Customize Columns" button on the right side, selecting all available options, and viewing your customers' behavior throughout their shopping journey. Among other things, you can discover their true click-through rate (CTR) from all exposures, not just from advertisements, and even understand some of the reasons for low conversion rates.

For example, if your total exposure is 10,000 per week, as you've chosen, connect the numbers under 2D Shipping Speed, 1D, and Same Day, and you might reach, for instance, 5,000. This means that half of the customers who see your listing have received a message that they can receive the product within 2 business days.

The true meaning is that the other half of the customers who don't see the message will probably receive the product after more than 3 days, which may lead them to prefer another product.

Amazon customers, I assume you already know, have become accustomed to purchasing products and receiving them either today or tomorrow. If this option is not available to them, your conversion rates will significantly decrease.

To solve this specific problem, it is advisable to send a larger inventory to Amazon so that they can distribute the merchandise in larger warehouse quantities, making the product available to more customers with shorter delivery times.

This is just one enlightening metric that can be learned from this new tool. I strongly recommend playing with it and learning more about your products.

The tool is called "Search Catalog Performance," and you can access it through the main screen of Brand Analytics by clicking on the new banner called "Search Analytics."

Have a great week!


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