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To enable payment and fast delivery for Prime members on your website.

Amazon is launching a very interesting feature that may significantly boost your conversion rates on the brand's online sales site if you have one, but it's likely to help her much more in the battle against independent e-commerce giants, especially Shopify.

In the new feature, which can currently only be registered for and receive a notification as soon as it becomes available, we will be able to add a button on our product pages on the site, and Prime members will be able to pay directly through their Amazon account and receive the product within one business day, as if they had purchased it from Amazon itself.

The cost is still unclear, but it is likely to include only the FBA cost, depending on the size and weight of the product, without an additional fee, and in any case, it is likely to be cheaper than the Amazon selling cost, which includes a 15% fee.

I believe this is not a small development and definitely a place where we as sellers can benefit from the battle between Amazon and Shopify. I strongly recommend signing up for the waiting list and waiting for further developments.


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