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Why is it important to add a sticker to the product packaging?

If you've recently purchased a product for several hundred shekels or more, you're probably familiar with the sticker that seals the packaging and needs to be cut to open the product. This is especially common in the packaging of laptops or mobile phones.

What is the purpose of this sticker?

In fact, it serves two main purposes:

  • To increase the customer's trust and confidence that they have received a new product.

  • To enhance the excitement of opening the new product.

As a seller on Amazon, this sticker also serves an additional purpose: to prevent the situation where Amazon returns our product to inventory after it has been returned by another customer, which can result in a negative customer experience.

However, for people with a marketing mindset, this sticker has a fourth, no less important, purpose. You can place a QR code on the sticker that leads the customer to obtain warranty information, instructions for using the product, and more. Of course, make sure you comply with Amazon's rules.

In a case study I observed on this topic (see the attached image), the new location of the QR code increased the number of people who scanned the code by 2.5 times compared to its usual location in the insert.

Therefore, as you prepare for your next production run, consider the option of adding such a sticker; it can't hurt, and if Apple is doing it, maybe it's worth trying for you as well.

Have a great weekend!


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