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Doing AB testing for the title - Interesting Findings

In Amazon's experimentation system, Manage Experiments, there is an option to compare two different titles.

I want to share with you an experiment I conducted last month with some interesting results.

I took two of my products, each at different price points, one selling for $39.99, and the other for $10.99.

I tested alternative titles, exceptionally short - up to 45 characters, to grab the attention of fast-paced customers, those who make purchases through mobile.

The concern with a short title is the impact on indexing, as we have been taught that the title is one of the most important parts for a product's indexing in search results. Perhaps due to the brevity, I might lose exposure.


The cheaper product -

Roughly the same number of clicks (an advantage of the short title).

Sales were about the same.

The more expensive product -

A 20% increase in the number of clicks.

A 28% increase in sales.

In short, forget everything you thought, and continuously conduct AB testing for your products. You can never predict how customers will react to changes.

Next week, the weekly tip will be on a short break as I'm flying to Las Vegas for a conference. If you're planning to be there, send a message, and we'll catch up!

Have a wonderful week!


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