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Sending Marketing Emails to Customers from an Amazon Address

Amazon has recently taken another positive step towards expanding your brand on Amazon by allowing brand owners to send dedicated emails to their followers and inform them about promotions or the launch of new products.

These emails go directly to the customer's email inbox, coming from an Amazon address, with a pre-defined title (you can choose from several options) and your brand's name.

There are two options for sending emails:

  • Launching a new product - Amazon defines a new product within 365 days of its initial sale.

  • Promoting an existing product or a promotion.

Who are the customers?

Your followers on Amazon.

So, it's very important to promote your store and your posts on Amazon as much as possible, especially during this time, in order to increase your brand's follower list.

How do you do it?

Brands - Customer Engagement

Give it a try; it's free, and you have nothing to lose!

Have a great week!


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