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Amazon's NCX Metric

On the "Voice of the Customer" page, you can find the NCX metric for each product in the last 30 days.

Many sellers either overlook these statistics or don't even visit this page until Amazon sends them an email notifying them that their product is at risk of suspension.

What these sellers don't know is that the higher the NCX percentage and the closer the score gets to "Fair," the more likely Amazon will reduce the product's exposure in search results, decrease ad spend, and more.

Amazon's algorithm works according to the owner's vision: a satisfied customer will come back, while a dissatisfied customer not only won't return but is also likely to dissuade others from returning.

Therefore, if this metric is negative, it represents a high risk because there's a good chance that customers who purchase won't be satisfied.

In short, the NCX metric is derived from the number of returns, reports of inauthenticity, negative reviews, and more, compared to the number of units sold.

So, make it a weekly task to check this page and ensure that all your products are in the "Excellent" or at least "Good" status.

The moment one of your products starts slipping from these statuses, create a high sales velocity, whether by lowering the price, aggressive advertising, or external promotions with discount coupons to reduce the NCX percentage and improve the product's condition.

How to get there:

Performance - Voice of the Customer

Good luck!


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