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Method for finding Amazon affiliate influencers on YouTube

I've got a cool tip that will help you find influencers on YouTube, but not just any influencers - those who earn from Amazon affiliates.

First of all, the reason I like working with YouTube influencers and prefer this platform over Instagram, TikTok, and so on is longevity.

A recommendation video posted on Instagram or TikTok is exposed for an average of 24 hours and then buried in the influencer's profile, and in most cases, it no longer gets exposure.

On YouTube, in contrast, videos are viewed for a longer period, and more than that, any mention of the brand's name helps increase its presence on Google.

In this method, we focus on YouTube influencers who direct customers to purchase products on Amazon.

Why is this good for us?

  1. Because their subscribers are already accustomed to receiving recommendations for products on Amazon.

  2. Because they earn commissions from Amazon - so they have an interest in promoting your products in the best possible way.

All the details about this method and how to execute it properly are in the attached video.

It's important to note, from experience, that the law of large numbers works here. In other words, the more inquiries you send to more influencers, the more likely you are to start working with one of them.

Good luck!

[Link to a YouTube video:]


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