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Give Your Customers the Option to Give the Product as a Gift

Here's a small but crucial tip that is often overlooked, especially if you've consolidated or modified your product listings over the past year.

We are entering the holiday season, which is characterized by gift shopping. In the USA, approximately half of the holiday gifts purchased during this time from Amazon are sent directly to the gift recipients, complete with gift wrapping and a message.

If this option is not available for your product, there's a reasonable chance that even if a customer adds your product to their shopping cart, they might abandon it when they realize they can't add gift wrapping and a message.

For newcomers, gift wrapping and a message are not something you need to provide yourself. Amazon takes care of it for you, and the cost is rolled onto the customer. All you need to do is go into the editing page of your product listing and ensure that the following two options are marked as "Yes":

Offering Can Be Gift Messaged

Is Gift Wrap Available

If it was marked as "No" before, you've just increased your sales by approximately 25% for the upcoming holiday season.

This tip comes fresh after I discovered that two of my older products had these options marked as "No" for an unclear reason.

Have a great weekend!


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