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Explore Selling Programs

Amazon offers a multitude of programs and tools to enhance sales and exposure. In practice, the average seller utilizes around 60% of them, mainly due to lack of time, attention, knowledge, and more. Especially for this reason, Amazon has created a page where you can find all the programs and tools that can help you increase exposure and sales. It also includes a dedicated tab with recommendations tailored to your account.

Among other things, you can find there tools for price automation, brand building, deals and coupons, B2B, and more.

And most importantly, clicking on each tool or program will take you to its specific page, where you can watch a short explanatory video about the program and receive precise instructions on what to do to get the most out of it.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of the weekend to browse through this page. I'm sure you're not fully utilizing all the options available to you, and especially during this time, a small change can have a significant impact.

In the main menu - Growth - Explore Programs

Have a pleasant weekend!


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