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Frequently bought Together

One of the hottest spots to feature your product on a competitor's sales page is under the "Frequently Bought Together" section. In this spot, Amazon essentially displays a set of products that recent customers have chosen to purchase together.

If you look at these products, either on your own sales pages or your competitors', you'll notice that for new products during the launch phase, the frequently bought products often don't make much sense. This is because most of your customers are arriving from various sources and have likely purchased your product and other items at a substantial discount. Thus, the product choices are often not meaningful.

However, for more established products, you might find complementary or identical products listed there.

Here are two ways to leverage this spot for your benefit:

  1. Bundle Complementary Products: If you sell complementary products like a chef's knife and cutting board, you can list them together in this section.

  2. Associate with High-Volume Products: This approach is even more interesting. You can be featured below a high-volume complementary product, for example, if you're selling a chef's knife, you could appear as the product that's frequently bought together with the top-selling cutting board on Amazon.

How do you achieve this?

It's quite straightforward. You create a situation where you promote products as a bundle or run a Facebook ad campaign offering a substantial discount on both of these products in a single purchase. Essentially, you fund the purchase of both products, asking customers to buy your product alongside the high-volume complementary product.

In most categories, around 25-35 sales in this manner will suffice to place your product in that Frequently Bought Together section.


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