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Growth Opportunities

Amazon has recently added a new page that allows us to see and receive their recommendations regarding our products in relation to the category and how to improve them.

Among other things, you can find recommendations for improving the main image, creating specific campaigns, upgrading A+ content, and even suggestions on how to reduce Amazon's fees if relevant.

What's unique about this page is that Amazon compares our products to others in the category and updates the data there on a weekly basis. This means you can visit the page once a week and see the changes in your product relative to your competitors.

Among the insights you can gain from this page is your conversion rate compared to the average conversion rate in the category and how it has changed in the last 30 days.

The recommendations provided there are also based on what your competitors have done and the subsequent changes in sales, page views, or conversions.

How to access it:

In the main menu - Growth - Growth Opportunities


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