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How to get customers to endorse your brand name?

One of the significant challenges for any private label entrepreneur on Amazon is to bring their brand to public awareness and reach as many potential customers as possible. There are several ways to achieve this:

  1. Proper use of Amazon's sophisticated advertising systems, especially the advertising options for registered brand owners.

  2. Intensive collaboration with new live broadcasts.

  3. Collaborative projects with opinion leaders across the network.

  4. Promotion on social media and search engines outside of Amazon.

  5. Smart viral and marketing strategies.

  6. Utilizing public relations and journalistic work.

  7. And many other diverse marketing methods.

In an upcoming article, I want to share with you the incredible story of the famous French tire brand Michelin and how they chose to build brand awareness as early as 1900 in a way that took them completely out of their usual business scope and turned them into authorities.

What's the connection between tires and restaurants?

In 1900, Michelin wanted to boost the sales of its tires across France. The marketing goal was to reach every car owner and introduce them to the tire brand. They decided to publish a guide distributed for free at gas stations and garages, listing various places across France where one could stay and dine, as well as purchase car parts and, of course, replace tires. The guide was red so that car owners could easily spot it in the glove compartment, hence its name - the Michelin Red Guide.

Brand Builder
Michelin Guide

In 1900, 35,000 guides were distributed, and by 1901, the number rose to 50,000. In 1911, the first guide outside of France was published, dedicated to England.

Starting from 1920, the guide was sold in stores for 7 francs. Michelin began employing restaurant inspectors to anonymously visit and rate restaurants. From 1926, stars were awarded to restaurants. The most prestigious restaurants received three stars, a symbol that became synonymous with the highest quality dining experience.

For more details on the fascinating evolution of the guide from those years until today, I highly recommend reading Wikipedia or one of the articles online.

But let's jump straight to the conclusions:

The initial marketing goal was to reach potential customers indirectly. The distribution of the guide was initially free, allowing them to reach a large number of customers quickly. The brand and the primary business sector were secondary players in the marketing process.

The brand remains the world's leading tire brand, and alongside it, the guide has evolved into the most respected restaurant rating system worldwide.

Now, what can you do today to replicate the extraordinary marketing success of Michelin for your private label brand on Amazon?

Firstly, identify your specific target audience and understand where they are and how they behave. Map their interests beyond your product category. For instance, if you sell baby products, the relevant niche could be postpartum sports.

Think about expanding your brand into a non-related product category and start developing it. Build a marketing strategy for the new product that is likely to generate revenue without investing too much, but indirectly strengthens your brand name in the long run.

Good luck!


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