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Impressions Drop

When you make manual bid adjustments in your PPC campaigns, be aware that it can lead to a significant drop in your exposure. Sometimes, even a slight bid reduction on a specific keyword can cause a substantial decline in impressions.

For example, if you were used to getting 1,000 impressions per week for a particular keyword, reducing your bid might suddenly decrease that to just 50 impressions. As a result, you lose clicks, sales, and your organic ranking for those keywords may suffer.

To avoid this, every time you lower your bid on a keyword, set a reminder for yourself (or your virtual assistant) to check the performance three days later and ensure there hasn't been a significant drop in impressions.

It's easy to overlook this and mistakenly attribute a temporary dip in sales to various other factors, without realizing that a keyword's reduced exposure due to a bid change might be the primary cause.

Good luck!


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