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Listing Quality Dashboard

In order to improve your visibility and appear in as many Amazon search results as possible, you need to enrich your product listing with as many details as you can.

It's not just about using keywords but also about other specifics that are found on your Edit page, according to the category you're selling in. This includes precise measurements of the product, colors, color variations, the material from which the product is made, and more.

The richer your product listing is in details, the more Amazon will promote your product in search results, and you'll also be able to appear in searches where customers filter results based on specific parameters.

Amazon has made it easier for us by creating a dashboard where we can access all their recommendations for improving the listing details on our product page. From my experience, when Amazon recommends something like this, it's worth listening to.

Go to:

Inventory - Improve Listing Quality

and update the relevant items according to Amazon's recommendations.

After that, as my recommendation, go to the Edit page of your product listing, go through all the tabs, and fill in every detail relevant to your product.

Have a great week!


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