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Subscribe and Save

Here's a small tip that, even if it sounds familiar and well-known, I strongly recommend you follow through to the end...

Amazon's Subscribe & Save program allows you to offer a discount to customers if they subscribe to your product and receive it automatically at set intervals.

In other words, let's say you sell diapers for babies. You can configure that a customer can get a 10% discount if they subscribe to receive your product every 3 weeks.

You can, of course, play with the discount, timing, and so on, but the implication is that if your product is good and competitively priced, you can create a recurring customer list that purchases your product automatically at a specific interval.

Recently, Amazon upgraded the program and added dozens of additional subcategories, allowing many products that couldn't previously participate to be part of the program.

So, I highly recommend going to the program's new page, enrolling in automatic enrollment, and checking if your product is relevant to the program.

If it is, set the discount percentages and time intervals you desire, and start benefiting from a recurring customer list that extends from month to month.

For details and registration:

Have a great week!


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