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Hi, I'm Orit!

Living in Barcelona, Spain, happily married with two daughters.

I've always had a passion for order and organization, both in my personal life and professional experiences.​


I've learned that a well-organized environment brings calmness and effectiveness. Now, I'm here to help you bring that same sense of peace and order into your life.

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Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life

An organized home provides not just tranquility but also comfort. After experiencing the magic of an organized home, you'll find your life transformed—lighter, more comfortable, and significantly more relaxed.

Let me guide you on this journey of decluttering and introducing order into your space.

How it works

1 | Initial Consultation

A free 30-minute video call to get acquainted and discuss the space you'd like to organize.

2 | Planning and Organization

We'll work together to plan and organize each room, focusing on personalized solutions that fit your needs.

3 | Execution

Sorting, organizing, and cataloging according to your preferences and lifestyle.


Ready to get started?
Schedule your free consultation now.

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My services cover a range of areas in your home, including:

Wardrobe Organization

Kitchen and Pantry Organization

Home Office Setup

Playroom Transformation

Bathroom and Laundry Room Organization

And more

* The service are provided in Sant Cugat and the Barcelona metropolitan areas.

Success Stories

“Orit's organizing services have transformed my home swiftly, turning chaos into serene order. Her personalized approach and meticulous planning made the process effortless, imparting valuable insights on maintaining order. Thanks to Orit, my home is now a daily source of tranquility—a true magic of order in my life!”

Sarah R. 


My Services Pricing

  • 2-door wardrobe: €80

  • 4-door wardrobe: €150

  • Chest of drawers (4-6 drawers): €80 

  • Utility room/Laundry room: €80

  • Home office (desk + drawers): €70 

  • Storage boxes/Large paper trays (up to 5): €90 

  • Playroom: €150 

  • Living room - sideboard/TV cabinet/shelves: €150

  • Bathroom: €90 

  • Kitchen: €250

Moving unpacking Packages: 

  • ​Up to 100m² Apartment/home - €450

  • Between 100-150m² Apartment/home - €600

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Ready to bring order into your life?

Book your session now.

Unlock the Magic of Order

Learn the skills and habits to maintain a well-organized home over time.

Join me in experiencing the magic of order—a fresh start and a transformed life.

Get in touch to embark on your organizing journey!

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