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Unlock Proven Amazon Success:

Exclusive Tips from a 7-Figure Amazon Expert



Hello, I'm Eli Ventura an Amazon expert based in Barcelona. Since 2013, I've managed successful ecommerce ventures on platform like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Over the past seven years, I've mentored  hundreds of private label sellers, including advising major companies like Unilever and Harley-Davidson.

In March 2022 I sold out one of my 7-Figures Amazon business and joined the FBA aggregator's team, leading M&A efforts with a focus on Amazon strategies.

Now, I'm here to share my insight

Value Proposition

  • Sign up for free to receive a weekly tip directly from my experience. Each emails is packed with a valuable tip meticulously crafted to elevate your Amazon game. What sets these insights apart is that they aren't just theoretical; they are the result of a decade-long journey as an Amazon seller.


  • I've not conceptualized these strategies; I've put them to the test across diverse brands and niches. My hands-on experience extends beyond my own ventures - I've shared these tips with fellow sellers, guiding them to success through personalized consultations.


  • These aren't mere suggestions; they are battle-tested techniques ready to propel your Amazon endeavors to new heights. Sign up for free to day and embark on a journey of practical wisdom derived from real-world experiences. Let's amplify your Amazon success together

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Explore a montage of images showcasing not only my professional journey but also the esteemed companies I've had the privilege to partner with. Together, we've created a tapestry of innovation, growth, and shared accomplishments.


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